Single Use Lletz Loop Electrodes

Single Use Lletz Loop Electrodes

LLETZ – (Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone) is used to remove tissue using a wire electrosurgical loop where the current excises the tissue and cauterises the area. Made of high-quality Tungsten wire the Avicenna range of electrodes are colour coded to aid in instrument differentiation, our loop electrodes offer increased ease of use and performance.

Product Details

Well balanced allowing for improved grip, reducing fatigue and increasing control.

Precision engineering ensures high product quality and accuracy.

Fine high tensile strength loops provide stability, allowing for more accurate smooth cuts without the risk of the wire bending during the procedure.

High cutting performance with reduced thermal damage to tissue

Clear colour coding with loop size printed upon the handle to easily distinguish between sizes
Universal – fits most electrosurgical pencils

Single Use – Sterile Packed

Order Information

Order Information

Single Use Lletz Loop Electrodes

Order CodeProductPack
AVLPE001Loop Electrode 5x5mm,13CM Shaft (Purple)10 pcs
AVLPE002Loop Electrode 10x10mm,13CM Shaft (Yellow)10 pcs
AVLPE003Loop Electrode 15x8mm,13CM Shaft(Grey)10 pcs
AVLPE004Loop Electrode 15x12mm,13CM Shaft (Green)10 pcs
AVLPE005Loop Electrode 15x15mm,13CM Shaft(Orange)10 pcs
AVLPE006Loop Electrode 20x10mm,13CM Shaft (Red)10 pcs
AVLPE007Loop Electrode 20x12mm,13CM Shaft (White)10 pcs
AVLPE008Loop Electrode 20x15mm,13CM Shaft (Lt Blue)10 pcs
AVLPE009Loop Electrode 20x20mm,13CM Shaft(Pink)10 pcs
AVLPE010Loop Electrode 25x8mm,13CM Shaft (Tan)10 pcs
AVLPE011Square Loop Electrode 10x4mm,13CM Shaft (Brown)10 pcs
AVLPE012Square Loop Electrode 10x8mm,13CM Shaft (Orange)10 pcs