Environmental Policy

Avicenna Surgical are comitted to promote environmental responsibility holding accreditation to ISO 14001:2015.

As a supplier to the healthcare sector, Avicenna Surgical places high importance on environmental management. As such, our organisation has established policies, programmes and practices to reduce risk to the environment, and is committed to the maintenance of it’s Environmental Management System.

We are committed to an ongoing effort of promoting environmental responsibility, as well as emphasising a heightened environmental awareness to our interested parties and stakeholders.

Avicenna Surgical also has an expectation for our suppliers to demonstrate robust environmental practices, and share our outlook and intentions in this regard. Furthermore, Avicenna demonstrably collaborates with our suppliers to seek out new approaches and materials that will aid the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to the protection of the environment is demonstrated through:

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance – we will meet all applicable regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis, including those of ISO 14001:2015

Prevention of pollution

Prevention of pollution – we will prevent or minimise pollution as much as possible in all areas attributed to our operations

Preservation of resources

Preservation of resources – we will minimise where possible our use of resources, including but not limited to water, electricity and gas

Product innovation

Product innovation – we are constantly exploring ways to make our products more environmentally friendly through collaboration with our stakeholders

Continual improvement

Continual improvement – we will continue to seek out ways to improve our environmental performance including reviewing manufacturing methods, raw materials and packaging alternatives

Environmental objectives

Environmental objectives – Avicenna have set objectives to reduce our consumption of resources and reduce waste to landfill year-on-year, and continue to explore means by which we will become net zero in line with government guidelines