Reusable Laryngoscope Handles



The Avicenna Surgical reusable laryngoscope handles are compatible with our range of single use and reusable laryngoscope blades.
Product Details
Soft knurled handle surface for hygienic usage and secure grip in hand

Durable metal contacts for activating ON OFF switch on handle

Quick and easy access to lamp and battery for replacement ease

Laryngoscope handles are compatible to all ISO standard blades made as per ISO 7376: 2009

Laryngoscope Handles can be sterilized or autoclaved and are also compatible with Sterrad and other low temperature sterilization procedures

Slim requires 2 x AA batteries
Medium requires 2 x C batteries
Stubbyy requires 2 x AA batteries
Order Information

Order Information


Order Code Product Pack Size
AV-VEGA0 Reusable Laryngoscope Handle Slim 1 pc Slim
AV-VEGA01 Reusable Laryngoscope Handle Medium 1 pc Medium
AV-VEGA02 Reusable Laryngoscope Handle Stubby 1 pc Stubby