Protective Coverall

Protective Coverall

Offering maximum protection the Avicenna Surgical protective coveralls are the perfect choice. Providing shielding from a wide range of contaminants, our suits are suitable for use in healthcare, quarantine/biohazard events and even general use. Advanced material provides protection without restricting the movements of the wearer when performing tasks.

Product Details

Category III Protection.

Protection from liquid, chemical and radioactive contamination.

Recommended For:
Healthcare settings
Everyday use, cleaning tasks
Quarantine environments

Made of laminate (non-woven polypropylene and polyethylene) with a weight of 63 g/m2
Polyester seams additionally covered with tape
Equipped with a hood with elastic trim
Equipped with an elastic waist band, wrists and ankles
Zipper covered with a self-adhesive flap
Available in version with boots

Order Information

Order Information

Protective Coverall

Order CodeProductPackGrammageSize
AVBS-KCB02-SProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²s
AVBS-KCB02-MProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²m
AVBS-KCB02-LProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²l
AVBS-KCB02-XLProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²xl
AVBS-KCB02-XXLProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²xxl
AVBS-KCB02-XXXLProtective Coverall without boots1 pc63 g/m²xxxl
AVBS-KCB02-B-SProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²s
AVBS-KCB02-B-MProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²m
AVBS-KCB02-B-LProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²l
AVBS-KCB02-B-XLProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²xl
AVBS-KCB02-B-XXLProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²xxl
AVBS-KCB02-B-XXXLProtective Coverall with boots1 pc63 g/m²xxxl