OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine

OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine

Avicenna Surgical offer the Sterile OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine used for the lubrication of catheters and other medical devices during urethral, colon and rectal applications such as urethral catheterization, endoscopy and cystoscopy.

Product Details

Product Properties:
Soluble in water.
Easy to use thanks to syringe and accordion tube.
Eliminates the risk of damage to tissue.
Contains antiseptic Chlorhexidine Gluconate to eliminate risk of infection.
Lidocaine Hydrochloride is a local anesthetic to reduce pain.
Painless catheterization.
Lubricating feature provided by hydroxyethylcelluose, the patient relaxes and minimizes the spasticity and discomfort caused by liatrogenic injury.

Remove syringe/accordion tube from sterile packaging.
Remove the stopper at the end of the syringe/accordion tube.
Pour a drop of gel to facilitate application.
After placing the syringe on the area to be lubricated, gently squeeze some OneGel Lidocaine Lubricating Gel by pressing the plunger of the syringe/accordion tube.

Pure water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcelluose (lubricant), lidocaine hydrochloride (local anesthetic), chlorhexidine gluconate – 20% concentration (antiseptic), methyl hydrobenzoate (preservative), propyl hydrobenzoate (preservative)

Order Information

Order Information

OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine

Order CodeProductPackSize
AVKAF G27-6OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine Syringe (Sterile) 6ml25 pcs6ml
AVKAF G27-11OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine Syringe (Sterile) 11ml25 pcs11ml
AVKAF G27-12,5OneGel Lubricant Gel with Lidocaine Accordion Tube (Sterile) 12.5g25 pcs12.5kg