Guide Wires

Guide Wires

Designed to grasp a cyst perfectly. Slim design allows the chalazion clamp to be safely inserted into a tiny incision to access cyst. Smooth stainless steel prevents scratching or injuring delicate membranes as it passes through. Primarily used to remove a chalazion. Canan also be used for the isolation and removal of lesions (such as a mucocele) located on the lips and cheeks.

Product Details

Made of Surgical Steel

Packed Sterile

Single Use

Order Information

Order Information

Guide Wires

Order CodeProductPack
AVGW-2.4-250-DTDrill Tip Guide Wire, 2.4mm x 250mm10 pcs
AVGW-1.3-1404.0mm Cannulated Screw Guide Wire, 1.3mm x 140mm10 pcs
AVGW-1.25-1504.0mm Cannulated Screw Guide Wire, 1.25mm x 150mm10 pcs
AVGW-2.4-2306.5mm Cannulated Screw Guide Wire, 2.4mm x 230mm10 pcs
AVGW-2.8-3007.3mm Cannulated Screw Guide Wire, 2.8mm x 300mm10 pcs
AVGW-3.2-450Guide Wire, 3.2mm x 450mm10 pcs