Fibre Light Cables

Avicenna Surgical’s light source cables are designed to deliver maximum light when coupled to a medical fibre optic light source. They are compatible with virtually all endoscopes, medical instruments, and microscopes. Cables can be used with Halogen, Xenon or LED based cold light sources.

Universal cables have threaded stainless steel ferrules at the both ends of the cable. Ferrules bear metric threads to accept various stainless steel adapters allowing versatile use of universal cable. Different adapter options make it possible to connect the universal cable to different brand light sources and the different instruments. Each end of the cable has to be fitted with a thread on adapter to properly function. This gives the versatility of creating a custom cable by simply changing the adapters on each end.

The silicone sheathed light cable with its rugged metal spiral core ensures high mechanical stability and reprocessing allowing long lifetimes in the medical environment.

The cables can be manufactured with bundle diameters ranging from 3.5 mm to 4.8 mm to match the bundle of the instrument being used to provide optimal lighting. All of light source cables are hermetically sealed and cables can be sterilized in autoclave at 134°C. Gas and chemical disinfection is also possible.

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Diameters available: 3.5mm, 4.8mm
Lengths available: 1800mm, 2300mm, 3000mm
Light source connectors: Storz, Wolf, Dyonix, Olympus/ACMI
Instrument connectors: Storz, Aesculap, Olympus, Wolf, Dyonix, ACMI, Welch Allyn, Stryker