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Ear Speculum

The Avicenna Surgical brand of single use instruments are primarily designed to protect patients from infection. They are also cost effective, especially when compared to the whole cost of using reusable instruments including initial purchase, the cost of replacing lost instruments and repairing broken ones and transportation to and from sterilisation departments.

Provided sterile and ready for use all Avicenna instruments are made from medical grade stainless steel and each instrument carries the CE mark on its packaging, and the single use symbol on the instrument itself.

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AV522 – Ear Speculum 2mm
AV523 – Ear Speculum 3mm
AV524 – Ear Speculum 4mm
AV525 – Ear Speculum 5mm
AV526 – Ear Speculum 6mm
AV527 – Ear Speculum 7mm