Colposcopy Loops

Avicenna Surgical offer a range of single use Lletz Loops for use in colposcopy procedures with precise cutting performance resulting in exact tissue or specimen extraction.

All our loops are manufactured out of tungsten wire, colour coded for ease of identification for shape and size and fir most standard electrosurgery pencils.

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AVLPE001  –   Loop Electrode 5x5mm,13CM Shaft (Purple)
AVLPE002  –   Loop Electrode 10x10mm,13CM Shaft (Yellow)
AVLPE003  –   Loop Electrode 15x8mm,13CM Shaft (Grey)
AVLPE004  –   Loop Electrode 15x12mm,13CM Shaft (Green)
AVLPE005  –   Loop Electrode 15x15mm,13CM Shaft (Orange)
AVLPE006  –   Loop Electrode 20x10mm,13CM Shaft (Red)
AVLPE007  –   Loop Electrode 20x12mm,13CM Shaft (White)
AVLPE008  –   Loop Electrode 20x15mm,13CM Shaft (Lt Blue)
AVLPE009  –   Loop Electrode 20x20mm,13CM Shaft (Pink)
AVLPE010  –   Loop Electrode 25x8mm,13CM Shaft (Tan)
AVLPE011  –   Square Loop Electrode 10x4mm,13CM Shaft (Brown)
AVLPE012  –   Square Loop Electrode 10x8mm,13CM Shaft (Orange)


Shaft Length: 118mm

Supplied in boxes of 25 individually packed, sterilised loops