Re-Usable Bipolar cables

Avicenna Surgical offer a range of single use and re-usable bipolar cables with a choice of generator and instrument end fittings which are compatible with most leading manufacturers’ generators ensuring you have the right connection between your instrument and ESU.

Our cables are manufactured to the highest standard and undergo rigorous electrical testing, and are able to withstand 100 autoclaves.

Instrument end connectors to fit; European block fitting, twin pin, universal instrument fitting Generator connections: fixed width, twin pin ‘fly’ lead

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AVBC001 – Re-Usable Bipolar cable, Euro Block forcep fitting to 4mm Twin pin machine end fitting.
AVBC002 – Re-Usable Bipolar cable, Universal forcep connector to 4mm Twin pin machine end fitting.
AVBC003 – Re-Usable Bipolar Cable, Universal forcep connector to 4mm Fixed width machine end fitting.